Property Management
We cover all the bases. By providing a comprehensive management package, we insure that all management activities are integrated for time and cost efficiencies. You and your employees, as well as the hotel staff members, can turn to a single source for information and assistance. Whether the issues are long-term management decisions or short-term operational ones, there's always an easy-to-reach professional on hand to offer assistance.

Design & Construction

  • Market mix analysis to determine product scope
  • Building space programming to insure efficient operating environment
  • Site utilization analysis to determine optimum ingress, egress and circulation
  • Environmental considerations
  • Architectural guidance to comply with local and franchise requirements
  • Value engineering analysis
  • General Contractor bidding phase
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction draws
  • Intermittent and final punch
  • Post-opening problem solving

Planning & Analysis

  • Budget development to maximize profitability
  • Forecasting and cash flow analysis
  • Short-term and long-term planning to monitor performance
  • Pre-opening sales, marketing, and staffing
  • Internal systems setup and implementation
  • Business launch
  • Regular financial reporting
  • Cash management
We provide information to boost your bottom line. Your bottom line is at the top of our list. Our financial and management information systems provide timely and thorough information that outline your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses. Monthly profit and loss statements, quarterly reviews, annual summaries, capital reserve reports and cash flow analysis statements insure useful and usable information. By taking aggressive action we help you capitalize on your organization's assets while minimizing its liabilities.

With our skills, resources and experience Albanese Development Corporation offers proven systems for competitive pricing of accounting and payroll services, employee benefits administration, insurance and real estate tax management. Our combined economies of scale and up-to-the-minute knowledge of hotel accounting rules and procedures changes will have a powerful impact on your profitability.

We examine every operational aspect of your business from personnel to accounting systems to the physical facilities themselves. Then we fine tune each operational area so they're prepared to maximize the return on your investment while focusing on 100% guest satisfaction.

But we don't stop there. After setting goals and deciding on strategies, we monitor with the on-site management and staff to make sure that things happen - efficiently, economically, and on-time. By monoriting performance carefully we can prevent costly errors while taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Sales & Marketing

  • New and existing hotel public relations and advertising support
  • Local, regional and national sales and marketing consultation
  • Support staff for individualized guidance
We specialize in the lodging market. As a professional, you know that the market is becoming more segmented, with firms concentrating on narrower and narrower niches. With that concentration comes marketing clout and in-depth expertise.

What does this mean for you? It means that the competition will continue to intensify in the foreseeable future.

When it comes to sales and marketing, we can do it all. We're firmly committed to the concept that successful hotel management means more that just efficiently managing the facilities and employees. Our staff carefully examines the local, regional, and national markets for sales growth opportunities. Then we develop a specialized promotional plan specifically targeted to every opportunity which fits your property.

Whether it's marketing, advertising, public relations or sales promotion, we make a point of creating and delivering the right message to the right market in a way that sets our properties apart from the competition. From designing a menu to creating a multi-media advertising campaign, we make sure that the unique personality of each property is reflected consistently, professionally and in ways that mean the maximum effect for your dollars.

Asset Management

  • Research and development that can help extend the life of your facilities
  • Capital replacement models to help you plan major expenditures
  • Project management for prudent property refurbishment or upgrades
We're committed to 100% guest satisfaction. At Albanese Development Corporation we know that guest satisfaction is the key to the future success of the properties we manage, and that means every guest, every time. Our commitment to high quality standards and customer oriented services work hand-in-hand to guarantee that our guests know they're receiving the highest possible value for their dollars.

And to insure continued guest patronage we constantly look for ways to improve the value and quality of the services we offer. We monitor national and local trends in guest services and amenities to be sure that we're meeting the needs of today's and tommorow's customers while continually striving to reduce our costs and increase our productivity.

Human Resources Management

  • A comprehensive and competitive employee relations and benefits program administered by Albanese Development Corporation
  • Recruiting for entry level management and internship positions
  • Training and development programs
Our professional expertise and depth of managment resources have been fine tuned in the middle. We have specific knowledge and experience that you need, backed by years of performance. You'll find that we provide hands-on, personal attention to every aspect of your business. We're pledged to responding promptly and effectively to the needs of our clients and their properties.

We help build a winning team. Our goal is to develop the best team of performers in a challenging work environment that allows for personal growth. We believe in providing superior rewards for superior performance because success depends on the knowledge, motivation and dedication of each team player. By stressing employee promotion from within each organization, we're able to enhance employee satisfaction and provide the continuity and quality service so essential to guest satisfaction.

Employee satisfication, as well as performance, is constantly monitored. Our managers are committed to being good listeners. We believe that open discussion of issues and opportunities in a supportive atmosphere is critical to outstanding performance on an individual as well as corporate basis.

Our management team maintains a firm commitment to developing achievers. We offer training and supervision that insure a professional staff at all levels - today and tommorow.

Albanese Development Corporation takes a team approach to helping you achieve your management and investment goals. We work with you to set objectives for every aspect of your hotel business, and then develop strategies to meet them. Each plan is individual, original, and designed to work within your financial and administrative guidelines.

Loss Prevention and Security

  • On site consultants and follow-ups designed to minimize claims as well as negative public relations
  • We will be proactive in motivating a safe and healthy working environment for all areas of work, as well as those areas involving guest contact.
  • Responses to unforeseen situations will be carefully evaluated by the appropriate staff and acted upon in a timely manner.
  • Staff will be trained to be prudent and to act diligently in order to minimize the potential for exposure and liability.

Risk Management

  • Workers' compensation program administration
  • Promotion of safe employee work practices
  • Security procedures monitored  
  • General liability insurance program designed to reduce premium expenditures
  • Safety awareness programs for staff

Investment Goals

  • Consultation on expanding, acquiring or selling hotel or commercial properties
  • Evaluation of financial performance relative to investment cost
  • Can provide sources of appraisers, buyers, sellers, lenders, mortgage brokers

If you have a property you are considering renting or leasing, please give us a call at (217) 899-3400 or drop us an email so we can give you more information about our services and prices.